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Elkhart County since 1999.

The 2013-14 CCSM Tournaments are Here!

Friday, March 7
Varsity matchups at 6 PM & 8:20 PM
JV round 1 at 7:10 PM

Saturday, March 8
JV round 2 at 6 PM
Varsity elimination round at 7:30 PM
*Special activities on the courts at intermission*

Friday, March 14
Varsity games at 6 PM & 8:20 PM
JV round 3 at 7:10 PM

Saturday, March 15
Varsity Championship at 6 PM
JV Championship at 7:10 PM
Varsity Championship 2nd game
8:20 PM (if needed)

The annual CCSM Awards Event
will be held on Saturday, Mar 22
at Bashor Children's Home

Sign up at the concession table this weekend if you plan to attend!

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Cross Court Sports Ministries (CCSM) has been serving the youth of Elkhart County for more than a decade. We currently provide a competitive basketball league for middle and high school age boys, and everyone has a great time!

You can learn more about CCSM, our programs, and our impact on the community by browsing our site. If you have trouble locating anything, or just want to give us some suggestions for making our site more useful, drop a line to our webmaster.

Thanks for checking out our web site. We hope you enjoy your visit!

Every year, we look for volunteeers with a heart for supporting our youth. If you would like to help us by coaching, keeping score, or can assist in some other capacity, click here.



Week 9 Scores (Feb 28)
Tropic 50, Leprechauns 46
JVBulldogs 48, Rampage 45
46, Tropic 44

Guccis 61, Bulldogs 45
Gladiators 49, Nuggets 43
BlackFury 67, Merica 50

Week 10 Scores (Mar 1)
Tropic 55, Rampage 38
JVBulldogs 55, Raptors 49
Leprechauns 46, Raptors 35

Gladiators 59, Guccis 46
Merica 87, Bulldogs 42
BlackFury 65, Nuggets 32

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- download the league schedule

If you have any questions, you can email or call Dave Baum at
(260) 710-2824.

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